Turn Your Content Into A Competitive Advantage

Tali enhances your content with a question answering interface that continues to engage your customers and fill you up with insights about the interactions.

Show Me How

What makes Tali different

Specialized Language Model

Tali is a language model specialized in understanding your domain expertise. So even a plug and play deployment on your content will outshine any other language model.

Natural Language Comprehension

We fine tune our neural net using quality training data generated specifically for your content.

Equipped to understand questions in natural language and finding the answers from tens of thousands of documents, Tali will be a game changer to how your content is used.

Easily Customizable

Tali is available through our API or easy-to-use widgets you can integrate with your website or product. Tali can be easily customized for what works best for your brand.

Search Engines

  • checkmark Only works for document retrieval
  • checkmark Only works based on word occurrences in each document
  • checkmark Doesn’t understand word meaning
  • checkmark Doesn’t expand abbreviations
  • checkmark Doesn’t learn from previously asked questions

What Tali Offers

  • checkmark Information retrieval from many reliable resources
  • checkmark Open domain search on unstructured data
  • checkmark No data flow design is required
  • checkmark Sentence level information retrieval
  • checkmark Has language model (understands the relationship of Cancer <> Immunocompromised)
  • checkmark Expands medical abbreviations
  • checkmark Has initial media training data and incrementally learns from the historical data

Full Service Experience

Modes of delivery

  • API Intergration
  • White-label widget
  • Stand alone partner

We can provide an Application Programming Interface (API) so you can connect to Tali with users’ questions and receive their answers. You will have full control over the user interface and can gather your own insight or access Tali’s insight dashboard for information about the usage.

API Intergration

Integrate Tali to your product in 5 steps

Our dedicated team of engineers and data scientists take care of your customized conversational chatbot solution that enables next generation information retrieval in the solution you already built.




During this phase, we’ll learn about your product, structure of your knowledge base and the challenges faced by your customers and users. Our team will plan for any customization required to integrate with your platform at this stage.