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A Solution for content owners and providers

Your content is your brand. Helping your customers access the right information quickly and easily is the best way to enhance your offering, second only to the quality of the content itself. Tali can be trained on your content to better understand it and your customers’ questions and retrieve the most relevant response.

Solutions – Content Owner Support
Identifying knowledge gap in the content using insight from the question answering

Your Customers’ Questions, Answered

Searching through expansive content libraries can sometimes be a frustrating experience for your users. This is because most content, once created, is left static and inactive within the library, making it challenging to navigate. Tali’s natural language processing capabilities helps your content adapt and respond to their needs, making it smarter. This will make it easier for your users to find the content they need.

Understand how your content is being used

Tali doesn’t only make your content smarter, but also your content management. Tali analyzes the types of questions being asked and whether they have been answered or not. This gives you valuable insight into what areas of your content need the most development, and where your users are getting the most value.

Create Engagement with your users

Tali allows users to leave comments and start conversations surrounding particular topics. This can give you additional insight into what content drives the most engagement with your users. This engagement will further improve user satisfaction and drive traffic to your content.