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Tali can be trained on your organization’s content and develop industry-specific expertise. This means it can understand both the content and your questions when looking through available content for answers. This allows it to retrieve content from internal and external resources with far more ease and precision.

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Solutions – Enterprise Content Retrieval

The Cost of Knowing Too Much

Knowledge in all areas is growing - both in volume and transience. Some estimates place the time spent searching by an average worker as 20-30% of their day. Every industry is impacted by this. This has elevated the status of search engines from a service to an essential utility. The increasing complexity of knowledge has also made context an increasingly important parameter in obtaining the right content when conducting a search.

Your Knowledge is Your Advantage

Maintaining an expansive content library can feel like a chore. This is because most content, once created, is left static and inactive within the library, making it challenging to navigate. Tali’s understanding of your organization and industry knowledge helps your content adapt and respond to your needs, making it smarter. This will allow you to streamline the use of your internal resources for your teams so they can collaborate more efficiently using the best and most up-to-date information.

Identify Knowledge Gaps in Your Organization

Tali doesn’t only make your content smarter, but also your content management. Tali analyzes the types of questions being asked and whether they have been answered or not. This gives you valuable insight into what areas of your content need the most development, and where your teams need the most support.