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Medical Point of Care Assistance

Tali’s capabilities unleashed on medical information - making it a much welcome companion at the point of care. Tali can understand your questions like a medical colleague would and obtain the correct answers from your selected evidence-based resources.

Solutions – Medical Point of Care Assistance

One Interface, Many Resources

With Tali, you can access a variety of medical resources through one convenient interface. Tali can navigate resources such as: medical journals, seminar recordings, local guidelines, equipment documentation, and many more. It can be customized to search through the desired resources that are relevant to the context of your medical setting, making it a versatile tool for many situations.

Getting to the point

Time is precious in medical settings. Tali uses its advanced Natural Language Processing Algorithm and medical language model to understand the context of your question to retrieve the most relevant resource. Tali then highlights the exact answer within that resource. While medical content can normally be lengthy and hard to navigate, Tali helps save time and reduces the headache associated with getting the right answers.

More Than Just Document Retrieval

Tali can also integrate with your EMR to complete its array of companion capabilities. Tali can be used to retrieve and navigate through patient records. Its Natural Language Processing capabilities also allow it to scribe your comments into patient records with supreme ease. With Tali, you can make all your resources, including your EMR, work for you.