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What is Ambient Scribe?

Ambient Scribe is a new feature, that creates a structured SOAP note from a recording using generative AI. That recording can be of a conversation with a patient, or just a summary of the visit.

Streamline Administrative Tasks (how it works)

Effortlessly generate comprehensive clinical documentation by recording the entire patient interaction or your own personal summary. Our cutting-edge AI technology will analyze the transcription and generate a high-quality SOAP note which you can review and edit as required.

Transform the patient-physician experience, effortlessly.

7 Min

saved per encounter, reducing documentation time by 50%.


decrease in feelings of burnout and fatigue.

3 out of 4

physicians affirm that Tali improves documentation quality.


of patients report improved physician conversation skills.
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Tali is an Advanced, AI-Powered, Ambient Scribe

Going beyond traditional virtual or on-site scribes, Tali seamlessly captures and documents conversations at the point of care, enhancing the healthcare experience for both provider and patient.
Captures natural conversations
Tali enables clinicians to engage in natural conversations with patients and family members while securely capturing the dialogue. No explicit voice commands are needed, allowing providers to connect authentically with their patients.
Extracts medically relevant information from the entire conversation
Tali listens to the entire conversation, but includes only the relevant content in the notes it generates. Providers can focus on their patient, not needing to face the computer or document as they go.
Accessible from any computer
Tali has clients for Google Chrome, Windows PCs, Intel and Apple Silicon Mac devices. All your activity is kept in your profile so you will have access to your notes from any platform. (Mobile application coming soon!)
Integrates with EHR Systems
Ambient Scribe is EHR agnostic. Whether you use a web-based EHR on your browser, or a desktop EHR on your Windows PC or Mac machine, you can use the power of Ambient Scribe to save time on every patient visit.
Generate your note from just a spoken summary of the encounter
In case you were not able to record the entire patient encounter, you can provide a short, unstructured summary of what was discussed during the visit and Tali will create your note for you.
Ambient Scribe on Telehealth
Capture the conversation from any web-based telehealth platform and Tali will create your note for you.
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