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Saving clinicians time and reducing administrative burdens are the foundational goals of Tali. Combining Ambient Scribe, which effortlessly captures and summarizes patient visits, Medical Dictation for accurate voice-to-text processing, and Medical Search for efficient information retrieval. All components are designed for quick installation and compatibility with any EHR system. Begin streamlining your clinical documentation with Tali today.

Ambient Scribe, AI Medical Dictation and Search

Use Ambient Scribe to Generate your Clinical Notes

Tali's Ambient Scribe will generate a note just from listening to your conversation with your patient. This lets you focus on your patients, confident Tali will create documentation meeting your high standards.
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Highly Accurate Medical Dictation

The Medical AI Dictation feature allows you to dictate your notes while Tali types them directly into your EHR. With advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, medical language models, and medical speech recognition at your service, you can finish your documentation quickly and easily every time.

Get answers from trusted sources

The Medical Search retrieves answers to drug dosage and medical questions by going through most recent medical research and medication monographs. This feature allows you to focus on the information you were looking for, rather than spending time choosing a reliable source and then having to search through it until relevant particulars are found.
Focus on your patients, not your paperwork

A Powerful Partnership

Our partners have substantial experience creating top-tier technology solutions to improve health outcomes. Together we provide evidence-based sources for informed decision making, dynamic business vision, innovative and customizable digital tools, and above all, promote and protect good physical and mental health.

Seamless Integration with Major EHRs in Canada and the U.S.

Tali's light integration with all EHRs requires no drawn-out installation process or training phase. Our Ambient Scribe, AI Medical Dictation and Medical Search are just a few clicks away. Now supporting desktop EHRs like PS Suite and Accuro, as well as all web-based EHRs including Oscar, Juno and Telus's Collaborative Health Record (CHR) among others!

Physician Testimonials

Tali’s impact is more than just saving a few minutes on each encounter, it helps clinicians enjoy their day to day more.
I can’t imagine ever going back to working without Tali. Before, if I finished at 4pm, I would be working until 5:30pm. Now I leave by 4:15pm.
Dr. Madhu Azad
Lead Physician SFHO, CPSO council, Assistant Prof. NOSM

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Can I try Tali's Ambient Scribe and AI Medical Dictation for free?

Yes, you can try Tali's Ambient Scribe, AI Medical Dictation and Medical Search for free. Register and download today.

Is my EHR supported?

Yes, Tali's core features (Ambient Scribe, AI Medical Scribe and Medical Search) can be used on any web-based or desktop EHR. The EHR Assistant is only compatible with OSCAR Pro today, but we are working on integration with other EHRs. More information will be released soon!

Will my health data be secure?

Yes. Tali AI is SOC 2 compliant. Our team has over 10 years of experience building technology solutions for the healthcare sector and Tali is PIPEDA, PHIPA, PIPA and HIPAA compliant. Your data is encrypted both in transfer and at rest. Refer to our privacy and security page.

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