Getting Started

What devices can I use Tali on?

Do I need to have a microphone to start using Tali?

What is Ambient Scribe?

How long do I need to invest in installing and training physicians in my clinic before I can start getting value from Tali?

Does Tali support any languages other than English?

Using Tali

Do I need to have a separate account, in addition to my EHR account, to use Tali?

Does Tali work for telehealth?

If I'm using a headset, will Tali pick up my commands?

Can I add punctuation to my notes as I dictate?

What commands can I use with the EHR assistant?

How frequently Tali upgraded or updated?

Tali Integrated with OSCAR Pro

How do I enable the integrated Tali in my clinic, so that I can try it out?

If I already have an account with Tali, can I use it with the integrated version?

Can I use the Chrome Extension instead of the integrated version?

What is the difference between the integration and the extension?

Which forms on OSCAR Pro will the EHR Assistant open for me?

The integrated version has been disabled; how do I re-enable it?

Competitors vs Tali

How is Tali different from its competitors, like Dragon?

How is Tali’s Medical Dictation different from any other voice-to-text software?


Which EHRs is Tali compatible with?

Is Tali incorporated into the EHR?

My EHR is not available as a web application. I only have a desktop application, can I still use Tali?


I’m just starting out, do I need to pay now?

What if I pay for Tali personally and also work at other clinics that pay or don’t pay for it?

How do you calculate usage? Will I get information about my usage level?

How does a clinic add more users?

How will you bill me?

Can I cancel at any time?


What studies have you done on Tali’s accuracy?

Will Tali learn from the history of each encounter or is it taking other sources of content to make the EHR more efficient?

How often is Tali updated?

Security and Privacy

What information do you store and for how long?

Does the clinic or hospital IT department have to be on board and provide permission?


Is Tali for Family physicians only, or can other members of the care team and other specialists use Tali as well?

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