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May 31st, 2022

How Does Tali AI Deliver Better Results Than a Search Engine?

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Wasted time in Healthcare should be one of our most prioritized problems to solve. Creating efficiency in daily and administrative tasks is one of the best ways to cut wasted time and allow physicians and healthcare providers to focus on the important areas of their work. Having access to, and adopting, innovative technologies that can meet the high standards of health care standards is how that efficiency can be found.

While there is more medical data and research available than ever before, doctors don’t always have time to access and interact with the reliable information they need. Searching through more than hundreds of thousands of pages of information requires something smarter than a simple search engine that searches for exact words or phrases. Here’s how Tali AI makes it easier for doctors to deliver better patient care by returning relevant information from trusted sources, faster.

What is Tali AI?

Tali AI is a voice-enabled virtual assistant that helps primary care doctors and healthcare providers interact seamlessly within their Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Tali’s advanced language processing makes it easy to find the right information when you need it, in a format that works for you. It analyzes questions asked by users, using natural language processing (NLP) and accurately performs intelligent searches by determining the textual equivalent of spoken question, sorts through trusted medical sources, and then retrieves the targeted information- even when the user uses complex medical language.

Tali even learns from past interactions with the data and can highlight the information a doctor needs to see, predicting certain conditions or suggesting possible treatment options.

How does Tali AI work?

Tali is fully customizable, with a simple setup. Its multiple formats include an easy-to-use widget and optional microphone access via a mobile app. These let Tali integrate easily with your existing web based EMR.

Access to reliable, trusted sources

Tali gives you a direct line to medical information from reliable, trusted sources such as Merck Manuals. That means there’s no need to spend valuable time assessing the quality of the information gathered, unlike standard search engines that only access public-domain sources. 

Why is Tali AI better than a search engine?

Tali uses natural language processing. We focus on medical content when training our AI, and we make sure it can understand different accents and ways of speaking. Asking Tali a question is like asking a trusted colleague for advice: you are returned the information you need in a format that allows you access to the relevant information along with the context it is in, while also providing you access to the source for further exploration.

Unlike the results generated by keyword-based search engines—lists of documents that include those search terms—AI-based information retrieval goes a step further. It highlights the exact phrase from the document that supplies the best answer to the physician’s question. This lets physicians find the exact information they need, faster.

Customized, AI-powered search results

Tali doesn’t only have medical training, it can understand and learn. It does more than just look for specific words and text strings. It understands the meaning behind the questions asked and draws connections based on experience and historical data.

If a physician were to ask Tali: "Can I administer the MMR vaccine to a patient with a history of cancer?", Tali would return with: "Immunocompromised patients should not receive the MMR vaccine."

Tali’s intelligent search capabilities make it more than just a tool: it is a true partner that helps doctors and healthcare professionals access relevant, evidence based information, quickly.

The virtual assistant today’s doctors need

Tali understands the complex relationships between diseases and can prompt healthcare providers to consider related conditions based on diagnoses. Because Tali stays current with the latest research, it can suggest new treatment options and therapies. It even offers EMR access using natural-language voice controls, making it easier to fill prescriptions, manage referrals and testing, and scribe notes onto patient records, automatically expanding abbreviations and handling complex medical terms with ease.

Improving the focus on patient-centred care

Are you looking for ways to improve productivity and increase efficiency?  Tali sits on top of your EMR system, with a seamless integration that offers best-in-class information retrieval in a medical setting. By streamlining workflows and making it easier to access information, Tali AI can improve the work experience for everyone at your clinic. Its deep learning models understand medical texts and guide healthcare providers to the information they need. 

Most importantly, Tali makes it easier for healthcare providers to spend more time where it matters, delivering higher quality patient care. 

Learn more about how Tali AI can transform your EMR experience. Download Tali today or contact us directly for more information.

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