Feb 16th, 2023

Tali AI’s Scribe Software Is Now Available in French

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Tali AI has released the Medical Scribe in French, allowing French-speaking physicians to save time on their documentation.

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As a final note

The ability to transcribe medical conversations in multiple languages is crucial, and this is even more important in regions where more than one language is spoken. Canadian healthcare providers can now scribe in French with high accuracy with Tali's French accessibility, which saves them time and improves patient outcomes.

A recent addition to Tali’s artificial intelligence (AI) virtual assistant is the capability to scribe medical documentation in French, which is essential for Canadian regions where the language is commonly spoken. 

There are many French speakers in Canada, particularly in Quebec, where it is the official language. According to this report by Collège des médecins du Québec, there are presently 25,176 physicians in Quebec. Hence, it is important to provide this capability given the diverse linguistic needs of the Canadian primary providers and population. 

The following are other reasons why this new feature significant for Tali AI:

  • This is a significant step towards improving healthcare providers' ability to document in French making medical care more accessible and efficient. By expanding its capabilities to include French, Tali is now better equipped to serve healthcare providers and patients in Canada, enhancing its reach and impact in the country.

  • Canada is a bilingual country, with French and English being the two official languages. This means that having French language accessibility is crucial for businesses operating in Canada, especially in industries such as healthcare where clear communication is essential. 

  • Tali’s move to add French language capabilities reflects its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. Continually refining and expanding its software, Tali is able to provide valuable solutions that enhance the healthcare industry at large by meeting the needs of its customers.

This new addition is a testament to Tali's commitment to providing the best possible service to the healthcare industry and demonstrates the potential of AI-powered medical scribing to enhance patient care and streamline workflow for physicians.  The Digital Supercluster’s support has been critical in the development of this feature. 

Note that Tali's is also available as a desktop version, making it available to healthcare providers who use desktop applications. It can also be integrated into Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), making it easier for healthcare providers to manage patient records.

As a final note

The use of AI in medical scribing is a game-changer for the healthcare industry, and the ability to transcribe medical conversations in multiple languages is a significant step toward improving patient care. With Tali's AI-powered medical scribing software, healthcare providers can now transcribe medical conversations accurately and efficiently in English and French language, saving time and improving patient care.

If you are a physician or clinician looking to create medical documents in French, then this page provides more details on how to get started. 

Register a free account on Tali to get started.

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