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Sep 28th, 2022

New Product Feature: EHR Assistant

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We are excited to introduce the EHR Assistant, a new feature designed to allow physicians and clinicians to; eliminate the manual process of creating ticklers, pull out forms faster and fill e-forms and other forms easily with voice prompts!

In line with Tali's mission to simplify administrative tasks for physicians, we are proud to introduce a new product feature called the EHR Assistant, a feature that allows physicians to pull up, fill out and submit ticklers, and access forms and e-forms more quickly, and fill them out with a simple voice command. 

This feature has been designed to make updating patient encounters easier and more efficient by eliminating many of the manual steps previously required to update patients' data. This means that it is now possible to pull up ticklers and forms with Tali and complete them without having to interrupt your flow of thought. 

The EHR Assistant can be accessed by simply clicking the button on the right navigational panel and saying your command. Let Tali handle the rest of the work for you!

Feature capabilities; 

Currently, the EHR Assistant manages three commands from the user and is available only for Oscar and Oscar Pro EMR systems.

Command 1 - Create a tickler. 

Tali can create a tickler for you and set the fields according to your commands.

The purpose of ticklers is to serve as a reminder for physicians. Instead of manually entering a tickler for each patient encounter, Tali can now set reminders based on specific criteria, such as date, time, assignee, etc. This will automatically open a tickler with the appropriate information. The tool is very useful and time-saving for longer information.

In order to fill out a tickler, follow these steps:

  • Open the patient's chart

  • While still in the patient's chart, click on the EHR Assistant icon

  • Say: "Remind <<task assigned to>> <<Message>> for/on <<date>> with <<priority>>".

  • Not all the above information has to be included. For example, the physician can say any of the below:

  • Remind Rebecca to book a CBC test for next month with high priority.

  • Remind Rebecca to book a CBC test for next month.

  • Remind Rebecca to book a CBC test.

Command 2 - Open a form. 

It is possible to ask Tali to open a form for a specific patient from a page that references the patient. In this feature, the user can currently accomplish the following with a voice command (or by typing it, if preferred):

Mention these command prompts to display a form;

  • pull up forms!

  • pull up e-forms!

  • fill out and pull up ticklers!

Command 3 - Open an e-form.  

You can instruct Tali to open an e-form for a specific patient from a page that refers to that patient. To access the electronic form, simply follow these steps:

  • Open the patient's chart

  • While still in the patient's chart, click on the EHR Assistant icon (picture below)

  • Say: "Open <<form/e-form name>> (e-)form

  • Open Ontario lab rec 2018 e-form

  • Open self-efficiency form

This new design feature, Tali’s EHR Assistant helps physicians and medical staff work with their EHR software easier, directly targeting specific administrative tasks to be run much faster. 

It is Tali's commitment to continue to improve the functionality of its products to meet the needs of modern physicians.

Learn more about how Tali AI can transform your EMR experience. Download Tali today or contact us directly for more information.

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