May 28th, 2024

New Templates Added to Tali

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Tali AI Customer Success Team
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In the dynamic world of patient care, not every note fits the SOAP structure.

Recognizing that different clinical situations call for different approaches, we've expanded our repertoire of templates to help you create more effective and contextually appropriate notes. These new templates are designed to cater to a variety of scenarios, ensuring your documentation is as precise and as useful as possible.

While some of these templates are still in beta, we're confident they will enhance your workflow and improve patient care. This expansion complements the numerous enhancements we've made to the user experience in recent months, all aimed at supporting you in your critical work. Stay tuned as we continue to refine and roll out these tools to better meet your needs.

Template NameWhat is Special about this Template?
Referral LetterFor any clinician referring a patient to another for care or advice.
Consult Letter - Multiple SectionsFor any clinician responding to a referring clinician, about their visit with the patient.  This template is broken out into different sections, such as HPI, ROS, and so on.
Psychiatry Consult LetterLike our consult letter, but geared towards psychiatry.  This template will work equally well for adult and juvenile patients.
Psychiatry Intake - Child and YouthA structured, comprehensive intake form, geared towards psychiatry.
SOAP - Merge Assessment and PlanSimilar to the current SOAP note, but with the last two sections combined.

Learn how to use them here

Here at Tali we are committed to saving you, the clinician, time in your day.  We want to let you focus on your patients and how to best care for them - we’ll take care of the rest.  These new templates are the latest addition to help you along that journey.  Through the upcoming weeks and months, we'll be adding more templates and more features around them.

If you have any feedback on these templates, or what you'd like to see next just let us know - we love to hear from you.

The Tali AI Customer Success Team

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