Nov 8th, 2023

Tali AI, The Leading AI Medical Scribe Provider, Announces Significant Funding to Combat Physician Burnout

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Tali AI, the pioneering provider of ambient medical scribe solutions, announced a significant round of financing

Toronto, ON, November 8th, 2023 – Tali AI, the leader in AI medical scribe technology, announced today that it has closed a round of financing to expand its innovative platform aimed at reducing physician burnout by improving clinical documentation processes. The funding round is co-led by Esplanade Ventures and TMV, with contributions from DigiTx Partners, MaRS IAF, and WELL Ventures.

Committed to empowering clinicians with cutting-edge tools, Tali AI leverages advanced voice-recognition and AI-driven technologies to deliver a seamless voice interface for Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Through streamlining and speeding up documentation tasks, Tali AI is addressing one of the most time-consuming aspects of patient care, thereby enabling healthcare professionals to focus more on patients and less on paperwork. Tali AI's technology, co-designed with physicians, improves the doctor-patient interactions by allowing physicians to have face to face interaction with their patients rather than facing the screen and typing. 

"We are thrilled to partner with Esplanade Ventures and TMV, who share our vision of transforming healthcare delivery with Generative AI," said Tali AI's CEO and co-founder, Mahshid Yassaei. "With this funding, we will be able to accelerate our customer growth and continue our product development to improve the healthcare outcomes for millions of patients."

By saving clinicians more than 15 hours per month on administrative tasks and reducing the administrative burden, doctors will have more time to treat patients and improve the quality of care they receive.

"We are impressed by Tali AI's innovative technology and strong early commercial traction," said Dr. Sheldon Elman, founding partner of Esplanade Ventures. "Tali AI's innovative approach shows tremendous potential to ease the clerical burden that contributes to physician burnout. As a physician and investor I believe Tali is reshaping the clinician experience, and we are excited to support them on this journey."

TMV's founding partner, Soraya Darabi, noted the profound impact Tali AI's technology offers to the healthcare sector: "We recognize the urgent need for sustainable and effective solutions that support healthcare professionals in their mission to provide compassionate care. Tali AI stands out as a catalyst for change—its voice-activated scribe technology holds the promise of a new era for clinicians and is well-aligned with our vision of supporting companies with the potential to redefine the future of care."

With this fresh round of funding, Tali AI is set to enhance its platform functionality, expand its market penetration across Canada and the U.S., and continue its work toward a vision where doctors can interact naturally with EHR systems, significantly reducing administrative strain.

For more about Tali AI and its mission to revolutionize medical documentation, visit

About Tali AI: Tali AI is a pioneering provider of ambient medical scribe solutions designed to help clinicians reduce the time spent on EHR documentation. Through advanced AI and voice recognition technologies, Tali AI aspires to become a universal voice interface for EHR systems, transforming the healthcare documentation landscape and decreasing physician burnout.

About Esplanade Ventures: Venture capital firm focused on early stage digital health investment in companies sharing the future of healthcare delivery. Led by experienced healthcare entrepreneurs, the firm provides more than just capital, offering strategic guidance to help its portfolio companies succeed in a complex industry.

About TMV: Early-stage venture fund TMV backs entrepreneurs with bold visions to redefine the status quo, placing an emphasis on long-term growth and sustainability. TMV partners with founders endeavoring to build a better, more purposeful future across the future of work and care. 

Media Contact: Mahshid Yassaei, Co-founder and CEO, Tali AI Email:

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